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What are the Smarter Adults-Safer Children™ programs?

The Smarter Adults-Safer Children™ programs are community awareness, education, and training programs designed to protect children from wrongdoing, negligence and accidents. The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit is the first Smarter Adults-Safer Children™ program scheduled for release.

The Smarter Adults-Safer Children™ Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit

The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit creates adult awareness on child sexual abuse and teaches adults how to prevent child sexual abuse. The target audience is parents, grandparents, guardians, family members, employees, volunteers and other caring adults.

The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit addresses these important topics:

  • What is child sexual abuse?
  • The history of child sexual abuse.
  • The damage caused by child sexual abuse.
  • The warning signs of child sexual abuse.
  • How to appropriately respond to suspected child sexual abuse.
  • What parents and other caring adults can do to prevent child sexual abuse in their homes, workplaces, and communities.
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